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American Turquoise Earrings 001

The pieces of turquoise set in sterling silver was purchased from a “old timer” lapidary guy from San Diego. He was downsizing his inventory and sold me a box of different turquoise cabs that he swore were all from the American Southwest. Since I can’t pinpoint exactly where these pieces of turquoise are from, I just call them American Turquoise. Nevertheless, this is a beautiful piece that should be added to anyone’s turquoise jewelry collection. And it is a “One of a kind” piece.

Each individual earring weighs: 3 grams

*Some of these turquoise stones have been stabilized for strength and durability.

Care: Turquoise stones can range in color from bright blue to green. Though turquoise is a porous stone, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, cosmetics and heat can cause the color of a Turquoise gemstone to change. This can be avoided with care and attention by cleaning your gemstone with a soft cloth and water.


Centuries ago, many cultures considered turquoise to be a gemstone of the heavens. They believed that the striking blue stones were sacred pieces of sky. Turquoise has graced the halls and tombs of Aztec kings and Egyptian pharaohs, such as Tutankhamun, whose golden funeral mask is inlaid with turquoise. This blue stone with its rarity and its diverse beauty, the greatest allure to this gem remains its legendary history of how past and present cultures value its numerous mystical properties.

Turquoise first began to appear in North America around 200 B.C., where it was also used as ornament. The Southwest natives and Indian tribes of Mexico produced beautiful beads and necklaces from locally mined turquoise. This was a precursor to the explosion in turquoise jewelry that continues today.

Don’t miss out on owning this limited supply of genuine American turquoise.