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White Horse Necklace 006


Authentic White Horse Howlite with a Navajo Sterling Silver Pearl Necklace.

Navajo Sterling Silver 5 MM 22″ pearl Necklace

Total Weight: 23 grams (Without Necklace)

This beautiful piece of White Horse is showcased with a hand-stamped backing. The Bail has a small piece of copper solder into it for contrast.

All of our handmade jewelry designs are one of a kind. The stone in this piece is Howlite from the USA that we call White Horse. A large howlite stone was given to me by a lapidary expert. This particular howlite had the most amazing black and brown matrix of any other howlite I have come across. So with this stone I was able to create a number of beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Sometime referred as “White Buffalo” or “White Turquoise”, howlite is a creamy white calcium borosilicate hydroxide with more of grey erratic veining. It does not have the same mineral properties as turquoise. The grey matrix is, however, a differentiating marker that makes it a different stone.

White howlite carries a whole host of healing properties that help to soothe the mind, the body and the spirit.

The silversmith, which is all sterling silver, is done in-house and stamped with my unique ‘Wave Horse’ logo. My logo represents my love of surfing and horses.

Care: Like turquoise, howlite is a porous stone and should be handled with care. Keep this piece away from chemicals, lotions, etc. Use a soft cloth to clean the stone and silver.